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Green screen is a technique by which foreground elements, like people, can be separated from the background and then composited against a new background. The people are shot against a saturated color backdrop. Though the backdrop can be ANY color, blue or green are commonly used because there is less blue or green in human flesh tones.

Is Green Screen right for my event?

Green screen photography may NOT be suitable for every type of event such as outdoor events where ambient light (sun) is stronger than our studio strobes making it difficult to control drop out. We also offer stock photo printed backgrounds, and colored muslin backgrounds as well. Give us a call and to see what might be the best solution for your event.

How do we find the background choice we want?

We have a large library of backgrounds, however if you don't see one that fits your theme we can create a custom background just for your event.

How long does it take to set-up a green screen photo stations?

We typically set-up one in a half hours before each event but there are other variables that may require us to setup earlier.

What are options for me to receive my photos?

Depending upon your event needs we can offer photo packages with multiple prints or a single 4x6 or 5x7 for each of your guest. We can also integrate social media with just about any event! Social media integration allows you to extend your event into the social media world by having your customers, employees, or guests, promote your brand as they share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, and email live during your event! Let's not forget about post event services, we can also host your event photos on our eCommerce site where your guests can visit to view and order additional prints.

Can I have my guests pay for their own photos?

There are certain types of events that we can provide our services without a financial guarantee however, it will depend on the event type, size and the time of year. In some cases we may require a minimum deposit to book the event but once on-site and the photo sales meet or exceed the deposit, a refund of the deposit will be issued.

How long does it take to print guest’s photos?

Depending on the event location, we can have our cameras linked directly to our laptops so when a picture is snapped, in 2-3 seconds that image appears on the laptop screen. Moments later the photo is sent to the printer. It takes approximately 15 seconds for a 5X7 photo to print and 30 seconds for an 8X10 photo to print; the larger your event the more printers we recommend.

Do you have a base price list?

No, we do not have a base price list since there are too many event variables that determine an event's cost. Some variables include seasonality, system availability, day of week, equipment needed, graphics, labor, travel, number of guests, number of photos, method of photo delivery, etc.

We are having a large event with over 1000 attendees how many photographer stations do we need?

One photographer is capable of capturing 60 to 80 photographs per hour. If we need to capture 500 couple photos during a 5 hour event then we recommend booking multiple photographer stations.

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